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Consultant (Finance / Internet /IT)
Job responsibilities:
Responsible for the industry's senior position of talent research, selection, recommend work, to achieve performance goal;
Skilled use of talent search channels, grasp the dynamic information of high-level talents, and maintain good relations with candidates;
In-depth understanding of customer recruitment requirements, providing recruitment solutions to help HR achieve recruitment plan;
Help the assistant to carry on the job analysis, make detailed search plan, select the search channel;
F2F interview candidates, 360 degrees to assess candidates, do a good job of background investigation and follow-up service.
Help the assistant grow up, insist on self promotion.
Headhunting or recruitment experience is preferred
Bachelor degree or above, with financial / human resources background is preferred;
Familiar with candidate selection skills, customer management or project management experience;
Good sense of customer service, quick thinking, clear organization, good insight, good listening skills, strong communication and social skills

Associate Consultant
Job responsibilities:
Assist consultant to carry out the preliminary search, analyze the requirements of the clients with the headhunter, and list the target companies and candidates;
Assist consultant to search target candidates and make preliminary screening by telephone communication;
Assist headhunting consultants to communicate well with individuals and arrange for formal interviews with headhunters;
Write a resume recommendation report and submit it to the headhunter for review and approval;
Candidates interview before the interview, feedback and summary work after the interview;
Assist headhunting consultant as candidate for background investigation and communication in entry process.
Complete other tasks assigned by consultant.
Bachelor degree or above, major is not limited.
Major in human resource management, psychology, finance is preferred.
HR or headhunter experience is preferred.
Motivated, modest, optimistic, cheerful, with team work consciousness.
Quick thinking, clear and clear, good insight, good listening and communication skills.

HR Intern
Job responsibilities:
Assist internal personnel recruitment: job posting, resume selection, interview invitation, interview reception.
Assist the company's internal staff entry process: filing, entry, contract preparation
Internal staff training, assist in meeting minutes, materials and equipment preparation.
In charge of  the company event, organizational assistance: ordering, booking, etc.
Complete the documents submitted by the business department to assist the task
Graduating or senior students in university with course ending, can work 5 days a week
Have HR related internship experience is preferred
Positive progress, modest to learn, optimistic and cheerful, with a sense of teamwork.
Quick thinking, clear, good insight, good listening and communication skills.

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