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What are the advantages of headhunter recruitment compared with general recruitment?

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"People" is the enterprise's first resource, especially high-end talents, it is more about the future development of the enterprise, and the recruitment of high-end talents is also very important. At present, many enterprises in recruitment, interview high-end talents, there are still a lot of misunderstanding, leading to the loss of high-end talent resources, but also directly affect the overall strategic layout of the enterprise. Such talent, is not a simple newspaper or recruitment can be found.
And headhunting recruitment is aimed at high-end talent recruitment channels. High end talents don't send resumes, find jobs, or even find jobs, but they need professional recruiters like headhunters to find them and match them for better positions. Compared with traditional recruitment, headhunting has such advantages:
1, talent is more excellent
Because talented people are often heavily funded and reused by their own bosses, the event is rare on the market. Senior talent headhunting company after changing love or brothers to get referrals, salary negotiation buffer. Activities (talent recruitment, newspapers, Internet and other media advertising) in even a very gifted, often because of poor interpersonal relationship ability, self assessment is too high, self-centered, difficult to work with people and other reasons, the frequent changing of the guard.
2, the system is more perfect
Establish a set of perfect service system, can meet a variety of customer needs are not the same, do not need the company to search the demand for talent in many personal resume, to recommend talent selection, repeated experience verification or personnel query. With high efficiency, timely, accurate and other features, together to prevent personnel errors.
3, more value-added channels
To prevent direct conflicts between the company and its competitors, and to meet the candidates for a specific set of inquiries. After the staff in the industry looking for the process, do soft advertising.
4, the process is more efficient
In the search time, more sure, because headhunting is active, agile determine the size of the search, and the nominees establish a long time contact. The human resources department as the company's recruitment, simplify operations, save the cost of the human resources department will be more time for the company's strategic development and promote the company culture.
5, recommend more accurate
Headhunting company mainly from customers, competitors and related companies within the approximate position of digging, the search for talent usually meet the requirements, so the trial from the appearance of less. Moreover, after successful referral, the headhunter will provide a series of follow-up services to help the nominee get used to the position of the new company and prevent the risk of the recruitment failure.
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