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Recruitment market development and trends

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The first trend: talent in line with China's economic changes
The economic crisis is also a turning point for talents and a process of survival of the fittest. On the one hand, network recruitment financing will be reduced, the bubble will burst; on the other hand, the appropriate product and service innovation. China's economic upgrade is an important symbol of the upgrading of the service sector, which is the direction of the Chinese government to vigorously support, but also the important direction of future employment, network recruitment should make the best use of circumstances.
Second trends: talent with the layout of the Internet
With the popularization of the Internet in the northeast, middle and southwest China and the gradual application of Internet users in the region, the recruitment of Internet applications will be promoted in these areas for the next five years. Three line cities and towns will become the promotion area of the future job site, and more regional websites will appear.
Third trends: Web2.0 will boost talent intelligence
Third stage financing in 09Q1 looming, iResearch analysis third stage job recruitment website hot financing mergers and acquisitions will focus on search and community and video job recruitment website, talent intelligence will begin from the forward-looking investment field.
With job seekers and employers about the search engine promotion and use of the skill, job recruitment information quantity, further increase in job search (either station or vertical) will be the future development trend. The development of search job recruitment websites has not yet arrived in 08 years. The arrival of the times depends on the number of recruitment websites and the degree of diversification of the information distribution.
Fourth, the trend: the depth of talent to participate in the talent market, and strengthen the study of professionals
Talent should not only be an onlooker of information transmission, but also an active participant in the human resource market. Bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, between the state and the talent market. Because more information about the asymmetry between job seekers and employers, between employers and employers, between job seekers and job seekers, talent networks can act as professional educators. The talents should initiate and serve the career planning of the unemployed students and carry out vocational education so as to make their training and improvement more comprehensive at an early date.
Fifth trends: the user is king
The law of "Internet users is king" still applies in the field of Internet recruitment. Production, research and development, promotion, operation and other related strategies should consider the user, user needs and experience as a starting point. Potential job seekers are users of job search websites, and business models will emerge when job sites tap their value to them. The user centric business philosophy of vertical job recruitment websites has accelerated the steady growth of its website traffic. Typical representative is this year's job hunting network.
Sixth trends: increasing customer satisfaction
In the scoring of visitors' satisfaction, each site scores between 4-5 (between satisfaction and satisfaction), and the job satisfaction is not satisfactory. New employers choose job networks to value publicity more often, while older employers give up more on job sites because they are more difficult to satisfy. While the old employer's income occupies the vast majority of job sites, improve service, optimize employer experience is the key to enhance revenue.
Seventh trends: diversification of talent business
Talent is the reality and trend of business diversification, diversification is an important method of job recruitment website differentiated, and should be based on the user (employer, job seekers or potential job seekers) as the center of business development, design products and services.
Eighth trends: enhance marketing capabilities, reduce marketing inputs
Network advertising has some effects on the number of monthly coverage increase, the change of user is likely to make small incremental job site traffic ranking, but the monthly ranking is not much significance, and is not persistent. The impact of the economic crisis on job site revenue is greater, and exposed the job site operation problems, mainly reflected in marketing, expansion and research and development in three areas.
Ninth trends: video and other new technology applications
A weakness in the past is the lack of communication and communication between employers and job seekers, but the burgeoning broadband video technology just makes up for it. On some websites, we can see that recruiters can do some preliminary communication with the video camera through online and job seekers, and do some interview questions and answers. This is a good application scenario.
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