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Prospects of headhunting industry

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The traditional headhunting industry giants such as large foreign joint ventures, and emerging innovative search, including the traditional recruitment website has been financing or will have to subvert the industry financing, proficiency in a particular line platform will also have the bright younger generation in the traditional mode, silently grounded work for many years in a single or a few segments, but actively embrace change times small game player search.
Recruitment is a very valuable ecological chain, the market is large enough, the industry level is rich enough, and the industry environment is also complex enough. How many of the 40 million registered enterprises in China have never used headhunting services? There is no talent support, and then changes in the living environment, so the average life expectancy is less than 7 years. After work to social security training gold entry, will occupy the ordinary HR recruiters how much time resources, these links have a good solution to help improve its efficiency, like UFIDA Kingdee to help traditional accounting computerization like that, which is a big recruitment of industrial space. More than one hundred million people Chinese annual reorientation of the job, how many candidates is the result of rational self judgment and analysis of full employment prospects finally make a decision, rather than allowing opportunity or luck to him, this is the official position in the headhunting joint provided value-added services, but the specific is a fool or a science. Needs to be standardized.
It is said that China, headhunting practitioners have 300 thousand, 2000 hours per person per year, the annual work more than 600 million hours, so the huge social cost, the efficiency of how? Which part of the sourcing's most valuable percentage of overall, Chinese in-service personnel can cover the rate of how much, how much is the repeat coverage ratio?
The cake is big, it hurts a lot, and the technology is very good. But what is the real key? No one has the answer.
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